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Directly connect to Microsoft Azure

Polarin provides fast, easy, and software defined connectivity to Azure Cloud services. Microsoft Azure holds a leading position in the market with enterprises investing in its software and services.
Whether your organization has utilized a multi-cloud or hybrid-cloud approach, the Polarin platform provides zero downtime, minimum latency, a secure dedicated path to Microsoft Azure Services and the opportunity to be a part of cloud-ready networking solutions. Adopt, deploy, and develop your cloud network with a trusted Microsoft Azure partner.

Fully automated and software defined connectivity to Microsoft Azure

Connect to the robust cloud service backbone of Microsoft and enjoy the benefits of one of the leading cloud service providers. Whether you have a multi-cloud or hybrid-cloud use case, Polarin's integration with Azure automates the end-to-end journey and provides real-time access to Azure Cloud. You can also interconnect your Azure Cloud instance with your existing data centers and other clouds.
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Key offerings of Polarin

Secure dedicated connectivity

Automated and software defined

Easy to manage your connections

Improved performance

On-demand service activation

Performance monitoring

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Polarin's interconnection fabric simplifies cloud connectivity for businesses by enabling easy connection to cloud regions through on-ramp locations, regardless of physical location, even outside a cloud region. Customers can adopt, develop, and deploy their networks on Azure with the help of Polarin's Software Defined Networking (SDN) technology, available across 50+ data center locations.

Azure Cloud Region Polarin locations (PoPs) Azure on-ramp location
South India Click here to explore 50+ DCs where you can connect into Polarin network platform STT GDC Chennai DC1
Central India STT GDC Pune DC1

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