Polarin by Lightstorm

Instantaneous Access to the Cloud

Provision a high-availability network in minutes and easily manage your network infrastructure 
with our industry-leading Network-as-a-Service platform.

Cloud connectivity for enterprises

Power your business's transformation with an agile, scalable, and secure network.

What we offer

Cloud-to-cloud Connectivity
DC-to-Cloud Connectivity
Internet Exchanges Connectivity

What we guarantee

Packet Error Ratio
Packet Loss Ratio

Our on-demand, dedicated connections ranging from 10Mbps to 100Gbps can be scaled up or down granularly according to your business needs.

Effective hybrid- and multi-cloud strategy

Manage hybrid- and multi-cloud architectures dynamically and in a cost-effective manner.

Cost-savings on cloud and telecom expenditure

Move away from inflexible bandwidth options and leverage savings with our point-click-consume model.

Meet short-term, high traffic needs

Our flexible solution lets you manage your dynamic network needs seamlessly.

Redundancy and backup solution

We offer you a quick way to back-up your data in volatile and uncertain environments, giving you assurance on business continuity.

Assured private network over public internet

Our utility-grade available private network assures you peace of mind in managing cloud networks.

Optimized latency for content delivery

Bring content closer to the users and take advantage of the best latencies in connecting critical applications, and leverage top internet exchanges and clouds.

Connect with global cloud providers

Our Network-as-a-Service model allows you to power into major public clouds like Amazon 
Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud.