Polarin by Lightstorm

Sales Agent Program

Designed for partners who offer managed services (MSPs), 
managed security services (MSSPs), independent software
vendors (ISVs), system integrators, cloud integrators (ISVs) and 
others who deal with technology.
Become a sales agent

Capitalize on potential 
opportunities to co-sell

Market and sell our NaaS capabilities to your clients

Unlock an additional source of revenue

Enjoy commissions and referral fee options

How it works

Allocate resources for managing Polarin sales train employees on Polarin value propositions

Market and sell Polarin’s services register and coordinate selling activities with us

Actively qualify, Nurture and close leads receive sales commission and payouts

Program benefits

Successful applicants can enjoy the following benefits within the Sales Agent Program:
Sales Agent Program
Sales and technical training
Sales tools and resources
Direct quote
Use of Polarin branding
Rate card
Deal registration
Discounts on monthly recurring charges
Enhanced marketing support
Joint solution briefs
Enhanced solution architect support
*PACEhub is Polarin’s comprehensive partner portal where partners can access all the information and tools they need

Participation requirements

Each applicant who meets the initial eligibility criteria and completes an application may be approved as a 
sales agent and be admitted to the program, contingent upon the sales agent’s adherence to the 
following participation requirements:
Sales Agent Program
Actively market and sell Polarin services
Bundled offer and integrated solutions
Purchase under separate resale account
Designate primary point of contact
Deal registration
Partner direct quoting tool
Joint business review
Submission of defined offer
Sales and technical training
GTM messaging and solution alignment
Co-developed bundled offer
Co-marketing fund

Be a partner in 3 easy steps

Reach out and submit relevant documentation

Discussion of partnership agreement and confirmation of terms